Tuesday, December 12, 2006

mOVeMent and mOtioN

my PMC club fren has told me about this panning technique..TQ sifu2 from the club..hahaha..so,i tried to shot some of the panning/movement with a help and tips from my other collegue aka sifu,waq...heheh..menarik jugak.. TQ all the sifus..

Landscape:::a CloUd:::

skies...when we look at the sky,we can feel a very peaceful,relax and of course blue...hehehhe..
the sky is not same all time...everyday got different type of clouds,hue and colors and also story of them.
clouds---sometimes dark,doom,but sometime they looks like smile to us on this temporary globe...God always knows human needs...
some of the pictures above just my trialrun to shot those cloud and sky.i'm not expert,but the result just satisfy me..hehehhe...coz compact camera just can snap a limited answer..heh..

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

KiDs iN B&W~BlaCk and WhiTe


gadgets rules!!!hahaha..my phones,PDA...

One of my favourite 2006 gadget.Bought on mid 06.a Dvd camcoder brand as per exposed..

My movies collection~dvds,vcds...
my playstation 2,my lovely DELL notebook...and others lahh...

my New Hobby:Photography


I dunno from where and who recommended this new activity.Shooting photo!!!hahaha...actually this happened after i bought my 1st digital camera, Nikon S5.

Although it is only a compact digital cam.,for me that thing is my 1st expensive camera i've ever bought in my life...hahahah..I just bought it on 31 august 2006,with spec:1G SD card for free,1 free tripod,1 free nikon pouchbag,1 free travelling nikon bag and others kit.

At first, i only just snapping bodo-bodo gambar one,but after used it long time,my interest suddenly more serious...and now after 2,3 months,i already make one wish that hope the time will come soon...to buy a DSLR camera.hehehe what an expensive mision!!!

weird!!!this hobby never occur in my life before,not even wrote down in my diary or item-plan-to-buy.hahahha...sucks!!!

My only hobbies since i was kid: reading,musics,movies,games,travel...so thats why i already had my own electric guitar(china made Ibanez lohhh...),lot of music and movies stuff,cds,vcds,dvds,mp3s.PS2 and exetera...now...snap,snap and snap.I hate to spend lot of money to buy those relative my hobbies,either expensive or cheap one,but the things become opposite...i always throwing my moneyyy...arghhhhh...
DSLR---quite expensive one.if i buy it one day,it will become the most expensive gadget i ever have..."go gbone go!",said one of my fren...hehehe..time will tell.maybe jadi,maybe tidak.Only god knows.adios.
viva tres puntos///