Sunday, June 15, 2008

:::kiDs:::~like a piece of white canvas~

:::LiFe:::~a beginning progressive for hope~

really hard suffer and seeking for rice in malaysia nowadays...
the economic seems not look alrite currently,with lot of issues,especially politic,high increase in petroleum, and quitting very important persons from party,caused some changing in eco growth and share market...

hope lot of intelectual persons in our upper level will solve the matter in a very smooth way,cause people here can see what happen in every minutes...


Sunday, June 8, 2008

:::tHe eNgaGeMenT:::~nOrA & nAzRin ~

:::KiDs poTraiTuRe:::~ ziyad's kidS-zafran,zubai & iQa~




:::mom back from mecca:::

alhamdulillah,dengan izin Allah, mak selamat kembali dari tanah suci mekah pada 29/05/08' lalu...
dengan tubuh badan dan kesihatan yg sihat,dia pulang dengan ceria dan bersemangat...
namun 2,3 hari nih, mak terpaksa dibawa ke hospital sebab demam,batuk yg agak kuat..mungkin baru ini terasa perubahan cuaca..
anak dan cucu dokan semoga mak cepat sembuh...

:::a weDdinG:::~Sham & aLia~

:::a faMiLy:::~ muzzaffar and mom~

~another dream pt II~

DREAMING (TELL ME)~yngwie malmsteen
Shades of night fall upon my eyes
Lonely world fades away
Misty night, shadows start to rise
Lonely world fades away
In my dreams your face is all I see
Through the night you share
your love with me
Visions of you
All the love I never knew
Here we are on the
crossroads of forever
Silent star lights the way
Walk with me on the winds on time
Love's mystery is for us to find
Visions of you
All the love I never knew
Go on dreaming ....
Until the day, until
the day I find you
I won't rest, I won't let go
Somehow, some way, I know
I'll be beside you
To warm my heart and fill my soul
Go on dreaming ....