Wednesday, June 20, 2007

*hiGhPasS tecH*

tHanKs to peVey(my PMC member),who gave the tips for this beautiful technique...
actually i do not prefer to apply too much photoshop editing to any photos,coz i just like the 'originale' 100% no-edited photo,but sometimes when we do the right edit,to the rite picture,the outcome is really enjoyable...
i like this tech coz,it shows the subject look like really 'alive' and 'expose'...
thats why we called it digital...heheh..
"if we have digital,lets play digital"

Sunday, June 10, 2007


after rain,i took this pic outdoor my house,with some help from the LED lite i bought..

relaTed site must visit:

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


"roof reflection"

"alPina monsta"

"ipoh mali BMW e30"

"from lens to the v-spot" of my protonmania club member done his job..erkkk..a protonese shoot Bimmer?what a..?hehehe...

ermmm..i just busy my body to join my friend car fulfill one of the club members who own a proton car and also this great oldtimer continental car..same as what a harmony culture we have in this country..

relAtEd linKs:

~AntiQuE~-a pRoduCtshOOt

I shoot this 'product' during my visited to a fren studio 'pondok' namely 'jangguttouch'...i forgot brought my S5 pns that day but luckily i have my 2Megapixels nokia hndphone,and i snap the attractive old cameras using the mobilephone...thanks to waq and lufiays( janggutouch 'tokei') coz gave me pleasure to shoot their things..hehehe..