Tuesday, April 24, 2007

:::tRaVeL:::~AQuaRia KLcC~

"A GreEn TrEe FisH tEmPLe"

"FlaShy wHitE eYe"

"in OthEr WoRLd"

ViSit MaLaysIa Yr 2007

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::tRanSpOrT & mAcHiNe::~cAterpiLLar


"bouGainVilla" ..some description:baCkground of the photo was just a black notebook bag,and using originale sun lighting..heheh..

"LookiNg for The SUn"

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:::tRaVeL~LaNgkAwi iSLanD:::viSit MaLaYsiA yEar 07

with my LoveLy,Sabreena...

gUnuNg Mat Chincang~up to 705 aboVe sea LeveL

"in The CabLe Car"

"oRienTaL vIllaGe"...sceNario juSt Like at China...but No!
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:::kiDs:::~Do nOt LeaVe YouR kiD aLonE~

therE arE a lot oF MiSsinG boY cAseS nowadAYs...sigh..

so,pLeasE aVoiD it Happen tO your familiA..

The aBovE Pic is for tribuTing oUr Local 14daYs miSsing kid(nameLy yiN),alhamdUliLlah succesfully founD..ThnX FaThuL muZzaFfar ShaH,coz to Be a 'Model' for this sHoot...

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

::LanDsCapE::~sUnsEt moMeNt at LanGKaWi~


"Kemanakah pelayaran hiduPku?"

"Terdampar Kesepian"

"Sepinya Di Bawah Lembayung Senja 2"

"Sepinya Di bawah Lembayung Senja 1"

"di BaWah CaHAya"

some desCription oF Job:
just shoot solo,walked alone along the beach.tripod was used and also self-timer(for reducing blur and shaking).kehkeh..model~me.
it's hard to captured those moment,due to time was very fast and the environment becomes dark quickly..every minutes shows different view and moment.but the result,satisfy me.sorry,if the silhoutte moment not fullfil the requirement..hahhahah...

rELAted Site:

~kiDs~at pAdanG PoLo

i like kidS veRy mucH...when i see them,30 yearS back memories will always make me smile...

::tRaVeL::~KuALa SePeTaNg~

"pls don't breakdown"

"why GoDown?"..there is no rail actually,just a signboard and history...

"for ToMorroW"

~LanTerN@tANGLonG~an art fest