Monday, September 8, 2008

~thread i just open for sharing one of my most scared wedding job~

body 30D aku masih lagik ada di canon service..aduss..rindu rasanya lama tak jumpa dia.
actually my 30D got problem during my last wedding job 2,3 weeks before Ramadhan.. my shutter suddenly jammed during in a middle of ceremony..!!!

and for sharing my experience when brought 1 body only during a wedding, i opened a topic in one of famous photography be the forum member since 2006).
...yeah, of coz when you own a limited equipment for your job, the risks shall come to you without warning...
i don't mind i received a lot of positive or negative critic and comments in the topic i opened because i have my own reasons why i wanna shared those tragedy that happened to me last wedding.My intention purposely to :
1. remind those wedding photog about how limited tools, will give big tsunami
2. many job photog dont beware about this matter, and just take it easy ( iknow by alwiz hang out with them)
3. to remind that we as a professional(altho me not yet), must give good service without false to our client
4. investment is very important in our job, so always be prepare, and saving your money..
5. dont be a 'just-wanna-make-profit' photographer, and you have a lot of lack in strenght/self management

so, i already invested around another 2K plus to bought new body+grip+other acc. went to YL Camera at KL, on 23rd August and sigh, money flew like hell again..hehehhe..apa bleh buat.hobby punya pasal,sanggup weh....

pls do not hesitate read my thread i opened in the forum(tak kisah aku kena hentam pon!, janji semua org di luar sana bukak mata).
here it is :

to me, i already made fast action by upgrading my equipment for my next mission.

here i would like to million thanks to my buddy, epoi aka lufiays irhab from because lend me his 20D during the job and he really saved my life!


" bekerjalah dengan jujur agar hasilnya nanti mendapat berkat dan halal "

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