Monday, September 1, 2008

~some changing maybe...~

starting from today, maybe i would like to make some changing to this gbonegallery blog.
since my blog launched 2 years ago, i only displayed a photo, without any words..cause i want the pictures told all..i just wanna photo story everything...shared my life thru all the memory i snapped with my camera..

today, i will move a lil change where words will become some of my blog presentation..and hopefully all of you can be shared, feel and interprete in deep emotion by looking at my photogalleries and feel inside your heart..with some additional story by words.

it will be more than a caption..and we also can share our life xperience too.please also do not hesitate to leave some comment, whether in my comment link below those pic or at my shoutbox...your kindly critic and comment will give me more motivation in my career.


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